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Glossary of Packaging Terms

Glossary of Packaging Terms

The list below contains many, but not all, of the options we have to offer you.  If you don't see the particular option you are looking for, please call our Customer Service team at 800-635-9959 or email:



Contains an anti-static additive that dissipates static electrical charges. Good for short-term storage.


Bags on a Roll

Continuous roll of seamless tubing perforated under bottom seal. Bags must be torn off to open.


Barrier Film

Specially formulated film typically used to extend the shelf life of food products. Prevents transmission of moisture and gases.


Black Conductive Film

An anti-static film made with a carbon black additive. A humidity-independent, corrosion-resistant, non-contaminating film with a long shelf life.


Bleached White Kraft

Common paper bag. Bleaching is done by a chemical process.


Blown Film

The most common method of producing film and bags. Resin is melted in the extrusion process and blown vertically into a bubble to cool.


Bottom Seal Bags

Individually cut bags from seamless tubing, sealed on the bottom. Flat or side gusseted bags with a seal – usually have a tail.


Cast Film

Extruded in sheet form through a slotted die.



Transparency of the film based upon surface gloss and haze.



Clay or other material coating on paper to make it smoother and less absorbent to ink. Produces a smooth finish and better print, but can rub off and crack on folds taking the ink with it.


Doorknob Bags

Side-weld bag, staple-packed with perforated lip and hole just below the top of the bag.


Electrically Conductive

Carbon-impregnated polyethylene bags providing exterior protection from static charges.



Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Additive that strengthens and improves sealability. Appropriate for use in cold-temperature applications.


Faraday Cage

Provides both interior and exterior protection from static and other charges.


Flap Lock

Bag has lip folded back with side seals. Commonly known as a sandwich bag.


LayFlat Bags

Two-dimensional bag (width x length) with bottom and/or side seals.


Fractional Melt

A resin additive used to increase the tensile strength, impact strength, abrasion resistance, and tear properties of poly bags and films.



The thickness of material. The higher the gauge, the thicker the material.


Gusseted Bags

Flat style bag with both sides or bottom tucked in to form gussets. Designated with three dimensions;

Side Gusset (width x depth x length) or Bottom Gusset (width x length + gusset).


Hang Hole

A hole added to the bag, usually near the top, allowing it to hand on a hook or have a tie inserted.


Header Bags

Side-weld bag with continuous seal along top, 2"-3" below fold. Bag is loaded and sealed from the bottom and typically has a hang hole.


High Density Polyethylene

Thinner, yet stronger than low density polyethylene. Moisture and vapor barrier, non-porous.


Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Stronger than low density. Resistant to punctures and tears, non-porous, and stretchable.



One side of the bag is longer than the other; allows bag to open easily.


Low Density Polyethylene

Porous and somewhat stretchable. Good clarity.



Thinner and stronger than low density polyethylene. Puncture resistant.



Thickness of material. The higher the mil, the stronger the material. (1/1000 inch = 1 mil)


Natural Kraft

Unbleached paper in its natural form - brown in color.



Stronger and more rigid than polyethylene. Preserves freshness with vapor and moisture barriers. Non-porous and excellent clarity. Ability to withstand high temperatures.


Random Print

A repeating print that appears in full on a bag at least once. A partial print may be visible on either side of the full print. 


Reclosable Bags

Seal-top reclosable and reusable bags can be made with or without a tamper-evident adhesive seal. Also includes zipper and slider zipper bags.


Registered Print

The print shows up in the same spot on every bag in a production run.


Side Weld

Bags are sealed on the side. No bottom seal.



Additive that helps prevent bags from sticking to each other and promotes easy insertion of packaged goods.


Star Seal

Strongest bottom seal for liners that combines four sections in a star design. Seal maximizes carrying capacity.


Static Shielding

Four layer construction providing Faraday Cage protection. Offers greater protection than anti-static.


Tensile Strength

The force required to break through film and bags, or snap rope, cable ties, and wire by pulling on opposite ends. Determined by material thickness and width.


Tubular Bags

Bags with no side seals or slit seals that are usually bottom sealed and have a tail.



Ultra Violet Inhibitor. Additive diminishes the effect of sunlight breaking up the film and extends film life in sunlight conditions.


Vent Hole

A small hole added to the bag to allow air and moisture to pass through the bag.


Wicketed Bags

Tear-off bags held in place by a metal wicket on the lip of the bag.

Please don't hesitate to call our Customer Service Team at 800-635-9559, or email: for further information.